Films 2011 (by authors, in alphabetical order)

This is not the final list of films, we are still processing some applications.

Andrew Stivenson, Bermuda

Where the Whales Sing (60 min)

AndrewBermuda is the only mid-ocean platform in the Northern hemisphere providing a window into the migratory social behaviour of humpback whales. This one-hour film documents new evidence of the humpbacks’ lives with remarkable close-up underwater footage of humpback whales in Bermuda, their breeding grounds in the Caribbean, and their feeding grounds in Eastern Canada.

Three years ago Bermuda-based producer/director Andrew Stevenson embarked on what seemed like an interesting and challenging project to film the North Atlantic humpback whales underwater in the middle of their mid-ocean migratory crossings. The humpback whales have since become an overriding passion. Come share his journey, told through the eyes of his 6-year old daughter, Elsa.

Boris Dolenc / Invidia, Slovenia

E.V.A. Misel nate (E.V.A. Thinking of you) (5 min)

This is a music video from a Slovene bend E.V.A., shot in the sea of Croatia. It talks about relationship between two people and the lead singer is telling the story on the shore and in the sea.

Christian Redinger, Austria

Malawi and the Lake of Stars (50 min)

RedingerThe very year of 1859, when Charles Darwin presented his work “On the Origin of Species” and therefore his theory of evolution to general public, David Livingstone in south-eastern Africa reached a yet undiscovered inland sea of freshwater which the natives in their language called “Nyassa” - simply “the lake”. 579km long, 75km wide and more than 700m deep these waters were the third largest lake of Africa which came into existence more than 3 million years ago in the East African Rift Valley. “A lake of stars!” Livingstone is alleged to have said, as the waves reflected the last rays of the evening sun if the form of thousands of iridescent lights. He didn’t know that day how to the point this description of “Lake Malawi”, as it is called today, was.
A glance beneath the waves reveals a stunning sight and a unique wonder of nature: The “stars” of Lake Malawi are alive! Colourful and brightly iridescent fish, so called “mouth breeding Cichlids”, inhabit the crystal clear waters of this Lake and impress by their spectacular behaviour. Through millions of years they have evolved from a single species of river dwelling fish to more than 880 different but closely related species which are endemic to Lake Malawi.

Charles Darwin never got the chance to see this stunning example of evolution.

He would have been very pleased.

Deborah Metcalfe, UK and Dragan Milutinović, Serbia, Blue EYE FX Productions

Aspiring Depths (28 min)

DraganWhen you mention free diving, most people usually think of Luc Besson’s “Le Grand Bleu” and divers who used a huge weight to go “merely” hundred meters below the surface. Even now, many of them think that it was an illusion and that human body cannot stand the pressure of 10 or 11 atmospheres. Today, free divers reach over 120 meters of depth, using only fins and it is just a matter of time when someone will dive bellow 100 meters without fins.

Documentary “Aspiring Depths”, which came out of the post production in September 2009, talks about some of the most prominent free divers of today, such as William Turbridge, Herbert Nitch and Sarah Campbell. Shot during the 2009 World Championship in Bahamas, in the Blue Hole (depth 250 meters), it presents a view at everything these divers are facing (their emotional and psychological states, risks and their ability to conquer total physical exhaustion), to reach the depths that are on the verge of fiction.

The film premiered at the prestigious World Festival of Underwater Film in Marseille, in 2009. So far, the film got several awards: December 2009 - second place in independent category at the International underwater film festival in Belgrade, Serbia; March 2010 – first place in professional category at the Eastern Mediterranean International Underwater Film and Photography Festival in Famagusta, Cyprus; and the third place at the Underwater film festival in Great Britain.

Dragan Milutinović, Serbia

Beneath The Surface - Tropical Seas (20 min)

Dragan“Beneath The Surface” is a TV series with life in Tropical seas as main subject. It consist of 20 episodes and it is entirely filmed in the Red Sea from 2003-2007. First 5 episodes are dedicated to the creation of the ocean, water in general and life on the bottom. Episodes 6-10 talk about coral reef and creatures that live there. Episodes 11-15 are about life in the open ocean (drop offs, big schools of fish, turtles, rays, etc). The last 5 episodes are introducing us to some of moust famous shipwrecks in the Red Sea such as SS Thistlegorm, Dundraven, etc.


Three episodes are submitted for the festival Bijeli lav.:

Drop offs and Gorgonias
Morey eels and groupers
Napoleonfish and glassfish

Hugo Habrman, Czech Republic

Řeka Metuje (River Metuje) (23 min)

In this film, The river Metuje is introduced from its source to its estuary. You will see wonderful events at its banks and life beneath its surface. Metuje was one of the rivers that were unprecedented clean. Ten years ago it flowed into a stream of excrement and waste of our civilization. The water was slimy and very smelly. After years, the river water has improved so much that the author was motivated to make a movie about it.

Jak se rodí řeka (As the river is born) (13 min)

In central Italy, in the high mountains of the Gran Sasso d'Italia at the town Capestráno springs, flows spring river Tirino. It is so strong here that for centuries it has powered several water mills. After the demise of people activities in the valley, a dam was built and its power was used as a source for electricity production. Cold, but exceptionally clean water flooded the whole valley. But, what lies below the surface?

Joe Romeiro / Bill Fisher / 333 Productions, USA

Shark Culture (8 min)

JoeAs humans, our fascination with Sharks is obvious. Weather they are loved or feared… they captivate our attention. In many ways they are ingrained in our culture, and in our lives. Unfortunately, sharks have an undeserved reputation. They are not the monsters they are believed to be, but rather a critical element in the natural order. Join us, and witness a connection between shark and human never thought possible.


Kamil Balzar, Czech Republic

Co se děje v trávě (What’s happening in the grass) (12 min)

An unusual view beneath the surface of the Red Sea, through a diver eyes. The film takes us to places beyond coral reefs that can often be very interesting.

Michal Kubát, Czech Republic

Fanny (11 min)

On the other side of the globe - Bali in the Indian Ocean – they have set up their diving base. A couple, Adam and Radka. Over time, during visits to local sites, they have gained a new ally and friend of the underwater realm - large mantas.

Rosalie Moller (18 min)

A story of the British cargo ship during World War II in the Red Sea. Film got awards from the Jury´s honorable mention in 2005, IFF Marmara, Turkey, than the First Prize on International Underwater Festival Tachov, Czech Republic, 2005, than the Best Underwater Film on IFF - Water, Sea and Ocean, Czech Republic 2005, Award of the director of Nature Park Tatry on International Underwater Festival Tatry, Slovak Republic 2005.

Miroslav Hrdý, Czech Republic

Interactions (12 min)

interactionsIt’s been four years since Hrdý’s photographer Richard Jaroněk was addressed to a documentary a film about photographing tiger sharks in open water without the use of protective equipment. Hrdý’ already had quite a lot of experience with sharks, but what he experienced now surpassed all his expectations. Working with tiger sharks almost became his passion.


Reiner Hundshammer, Germany

Nationalpark Garajau (National park Garajau) (8 min)

interactionsThe film is about national reserve Garajau, on Madeira, about its inhabitants and about the protection of this area..




Robert Lehotkai, Diving center Indie, Croatia

Ronilačke destinacije DC Indie (DC Indie Dive Sites) (10 min)

A film about some parts of the beautiful Croatian sea.

Robert Lehotkai, Croatia

Pogledajte šta vidim (See What I See) (10 min)

Steve Lichtag, Czech Republic

Poslední lovci (Last Hunters) (38 min)

SteveCome and visit an unusual, faraway world with us. You will experience both pleasant as well as cruel moments that the rough life of Lamalera whale hunters on the Indonesian island Lembata brings them. They are one of the last hunters on our planet that hunt in a traditional way not only whales but also dolphins and mantas. For centuries now, they have been going out on old wooden boats to fight unmerciful battles for life and death with the gigantic sperm whales using bamboo harpoons. It is not always a victorious battle. This dramatic document offers exciting moments as well as moments for contemplation about the uncertain future of this community whose survival depends not only on the courage but also on the luck of these “last hunters”.

Vladimir Taleski / Triton Media, Serbia

Krupajsko vrelo (Krupaja spring) (32 min)

An authentic speleo diving film shot at the Krupaja spring.


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